Sunday Funday

‘Cuz I don’t have to run day.

Not that I dislike Sunday runs, but today was dedicated to “make up miles” if needbe – and I hit my 36 goal miles last night with a very ratchet hill workout.  But more on that later.

While I do have to go into work for a few hours tonight to play janitor and accountant, I’m catching up on housekeeping and hanging out with my blissed out dogs (one order of housekeeping was brushing them today, easiest way to melt their little hearts) while Aaron churns away on the elliptical (and I point and laugh in my mind.)

Here’s the greatest hits of the week:



I just finished up The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison this week.  It’s a thriller about a man (The Gardner) who captures girls, tattoos them with butterfly wings, and keeps them in a hidden garden until they get too old so he murders them.  Definitely good treadmill fodder, and I think Dot is GREAT at character development and strong imagery, but it was a fairly easy to put down book.  And the ending was a huge disappointment.

I decided to pick up something a little heavier for this week’s read: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy.


This Week’s Playlist:

I always get a little sentimental for back to school around this time of year, and for some reason Galactic reminds me of the first weeks of college – roof parties, warm nights, a few weeks of total freedom before classes start, and the album Carnivale Electricos tops my happy summer playlist this week


Workout of the Week:

I mentioned above about my hill workout that ended my running week – and it definitely was the hardest one, but as usual ended up being the highlight as well.

All my goat friends bailed on me, and the weather kept fading in and out of thunderstorms, 90 degree humidity rewarms, and then like this burst of beautiful 72 degrees and breezy.  I drug my feet a little, took a nap after work instead of heading straight out, but for whatever reason I got a surge of motivation (probably because I didn’t want to have to think about doing this today) and hit the road for rattlesnake repeats.

This hill is pretty nasty.  It’s about 750 feet of elevation gain over .4 miles.  I try to go out weekly and do a nice long warm up and then bang out 2 repeats (which starts off as well intended running but turns into questionable power hiking.)  It’s loose boulders, scree, gravel, and the recent storms have strewn sticks and branches all around.


The most redeeming part of this run was the fact that I have been telling myself for months once I get my ascent under 8 minutes, I will add a third repeat.

Yesterday’s best ascent was 8:02.  So I got to go home instead. Which was probably perfect timing because it then started raining sideways and in my face for my 2-ish mile cool down and there was just so much salt in my eyes as a result that I basically just put my arms out in front of me and hoped for the best as I hoofed it down the country road and to my truck.  This is why I can’t run in public places.

I made a segment out of this hill today on my garmin connect and apparently I’m not the only idiot who does rattlesnake repeats because I am number 2 out of 2.  A title I’m not really clamoring for.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine basically starts tomorrow, with a 13 mile run around in the woods with one of my favorite training partners.

Green Monster Training Week 3: 

Goal Mileage: 36

Actual Milage: 36

Elevation Gain: 4,213 feet

Week 4 Goals – 36 miles 5,000 feet



  1. Judith / soveryslightlymad · August 21, 2016

    Do you do Strava? There might be other people who created segments of your hill on that app.

    That hill sounds… awful. Hill repeats always kick my ass. But they’re good for me, so I do them when my coach makes me and swear a lot.


  2. Fallon @ Slacker Runner · August 21, 2016

    That’s not a hill, that’s a flippin’ mountain! Nice running though!


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