Warrior Week

Also known as week one of Green Monster Training.

In the depths of my 8 months of basically squeaking by on the bare minimum I decided a goal race was probably the best way to break out of my funk.  While I’ve raced a lot (too much) this past year, and am pretty enthused about my performance on low casual mileage, I’m hungry for a fall race challenge.  I want to show up with the notion that I want to finish in X amount of time — not just that I want to “finish” (which I’m not knocking that mantra in any way as it’s a pretty fun way to participate in the sport, and there is definitely a lot of great circumstances in which that attitude is appropriate.)

Homegirl is thirsty.  For a sparkle shiny PR and a mind and body that matches.  I figure YEAR 4 at the Green Monster 25k trail challenge in beautiful Wellsboro PA is a great place to do it.  This race was my first “big” trail challenge when I started dabbling.  Year two busted me out of a stress reaction summer of rage and pointed me back in the right direction.  Last year, I got a huge PR (and a 3rd place in my AG) that went unappreciated in the wake of my DNF at Sinnamahone the following week.  This year, this is all the marbles.  I’m looking to take my time from 3:34 to 3:20 or below.  Armed with the plan, motivation through the roof, and a serious case of the hives… I’m ready to roll.


Obviously this is a place we can all gather and overshare.

Ok, ok, the hives were not how I wanted to start off this adventure.  But this has been the summer of me getting stung by wasps, bees, bit by spiders, and filling my socks up with nettles, so why not throw in a delayed onset allergic reaction to antibiotics on top of it all.  By Monday, or my designated “DAY ONE” – it had all worked its way into my hands and my feet, and while I couldn’t hold a pencil or put on shoes, who does that kind of stuff anyway?  We were off. (side note – I don’t advocate working out when you are ill, I’m not a #nodaysoff bonehead – I had rested 3 days prior and was at a point where I just wanted to sweat this crap out of me.)

My plan is fairly simple – building my mileage from 30 a week to a few weeks in the 50 mile range.  Once weekly quality workouts – sprints, hills, etc with a progressive overloading nature.  Once weekly long runs all the way up to an 18 miler as GM runs a little long.  Starting off with THIS strength training program for at least the first 30 days and taking it from there.  Solid 8 day taper.  Cutting back on the T&T (tater tots and tacos) a little and in exchange for some some more V&P (veggies and protein).

Week 1 Recap – total miles ~33

Monday: 10 minute easy treadmill warm up + strength workout which consisted of a ton of pushups and prisoner squats.  I was going to hop back on the mill for a couple miles after, but as my first day back, I figured easy does her.

Tuesday: AM: Muscle and strength workout – leg lifts and 20 minutes on the treadmill.  PM: Met up with my trail twin (so nerdy) for 5.5 miles of fun in the forest.



Purely accidental.

Wednesday: Strength training + 20 minute cool down on the treadmill

Thursday: muscle & strength workout – leg raises and 20 minutes steady state on the treadmill.

Friday: am: 45 minute strength training – I did this workout in the basement at work (such is my life right now).

pm: 10 miles on the cross country ski trails with my Friday night crew. It was so humid and miserable and definitely one of those runs I’d totally bail on if I didn’t have some moral support.  Afterwards I went fetal in the shower for a solid hour.

Saturday: easy two mile shakeout + stretching and stuff

Sunday: ~8 miles of trails with my cousin Angela.  We did the “Island Run loop” which is arguably one of my least favorite runs because it’s just kind of demoralizing.  3 miles up a fire road then weeds and sticks and rocks and grass to your ass and more up.  And lest we not forget the mile or so that I got us lost.  The only real redeeming thing about this loop is a huge steep downhill bomb at the end.  It’s such a good training run, though, and I am actively trying to integrate more of these suck bucket trails into my repertoire.


Before this turns into the post that never ends, here’s the quick and dirty for my upcoming week.

Goal: 35 miles

Long Run: 12 miles

Quality Workout: 3 Rattlesnake hill repeats

I am volunteering at Boulder Dash this weekend so I’m definitely trying to front load my week so I can focus on facilitating a fun race instead of worrying about getting my miles in.

Hope your weeks are off to a rousing start.  My weekend started about 10 minutes ago, so I’m looking forward to curling up with my dogs for a little Olympics binge watching.

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