Yesterday I “ran” Sproul 10k – aka a glorious reminder that I am not even remotely heat acclimated.

I don’t think I’ve ever run a 10k since dipping my toe into the whole running thing in 2013, or at least raced one, but some of my good friends were doing it and I was morbidly curious about the whole 3 miles up the side of a mountain 3 miles down thing.  Plus, there is a parade in town today and I try to find excuses to miss it every year because I am a horrible person.

Anyway, I really have no idea what my official time was, but it was definitely at least 10 minutes over my conservative goal of 1:15.  I have been half heartedly training with a bunch of technical hill sprints and a weekly 3 up 3 down-ish kind of route near me, but the elevation gain doesn’t touch Sproul (1,629 VS 900… my bad!).  Plus, I’ve been running mostly early mornings and evenings because it’s been so stinking hot.  10AM start time on a 90+ degree day and I knew there wasn’t enough body glide in the world to spare the old thunder thighs from what I was about to put them through.


Obligatory before photo

In all it was a good day.  I don’t think I’ve sweat like that in my whole life.  I got pretty complacent, especially towards the end when I took to a run/walk even though it was definitely a runnable stretch.  I was just really hot, and for whatever reason less than concerned or enthused about my finishing time.

Pros of 10ks (over half + distances) – you kind of just blink and they are over.  Also once you lay in the grass for a few minutes and gather your wits, you don’t feel like you were just straight up massacred for the last 3+ hours.  Maybe that means I didn’t run it fast enough, but I really have zero regrets in terms of how I fared.


Post 10k pics – not nearly as haggard as our usuals.

What is pretty fantastic about this race is the fact that now my plate is completely empty for the next two months.  With no races in my immediate sight, I actually get to train for one (or two!) this fall instead of this bizarre stretch of throwing noodles at the wall and seeing if that makes me run better.

I’m taking the next two weeks to basically baby myself and get back into a daily habit before I have to start raising my mileage and getting in some actual workouts.  Preseason/postseason whatever.  Another beauty of the 10k is that I feel good enough to get right back at it today (lest my inner thighs.  there are not even words for the holy hellfire friction festival flaps that I have going on.  Am I doing something wrong?) although it is already 3 pm and the only thing I have accomplished has been a smoothie and running the vacuum (in my defense I didn’t get home from work until 4am last night and I think I’m only halfway decompressed).  Another day of oppressive heat too – I let the dogs out and they just stood there and stared at me like they forgot what they were supposed to do because the sun melted their brains.

Hope your weekend is happy and bright.  Stay cool – cross country ski season is right around the corner!


  1. Judith / soveryslightlymad · July 25, 2016

    I just reordered a ton of Body Glide to deal with this summer’s heat. And I still have some fun chafing despite using so much.

    Nice job racing that elevation. I’d have been crying on the side of the course.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Martha B · July 25, 2016

      It’s been a bad year for chafing! I just ordered some long granny panties that will hopefully cover my horror areas and prevent rubbing… it’s not like I’ve put on weight or anything. Just have slap happy thighs.
      Thanks for the encouragement… it’s actually the “lowest elevation per mile” race I’ve run this year so it should’ve felt like a walk in the park. haha. It did not. I started feeling it yesterday evening and damn my calves are MAD at me today.

      Liked by 1 person

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