April Showers

I swear I’ve been trying to post the past few months here.  It’s just been an overwhelming time at work, and in my spare time I could have either run or talked about running, and we all know which is more productive.  Anyway, with my intense work season winding down and my favorite time of the year for running ramping up, I figured it was time to give the old blog a whirl again.

When last I left you, I was going through the post race season sads.  After a disappointing DNF at Sinnemahone, I decided to reevaluate my goals.  This in turn lead to a winter of just running for fitness and fun.  My mileage stayed respectable, and I consistently started running with people who are more talented than I am, which in turn kept things challenging and helped me maintain a pretty good level of fitness without being on a “plan.”

I signed up for the PA Trophy series again this year, which is already in full swing.  I finished Mile Run Half Marathon in early April in basically the same amount of time I finished my last trail half last season, so it’s nice to know the wheels didn’t just fall off this winter.


Post race with my lovely training partner Jen, who crushed my time by over 10 minutes.

After a few weeks of recovery came Hyner 25k this past Saturday, which is one of those races that as the hobby jogger I am, I’m never fully prepared for.  Pretty much the strategy was just run as fast as you can until the first 1600 foot climb and then just get complacent in whatever pack you end up in.  Ok, ok, I did get a 23 minute PR from my time last year and finally cracked the 4 hour barrier, so I must have did something right.


Post race festivities with my Sunday runday crew.  

This past week has just been an exercise in radical recovery.  I started feeling physically well on Tuesday, but mentally I’m drained and I can’t catch up on sleep for anything.  I’m kind of rolling with the punches as this Sunday is the Greenwood Forest Half Marathon.  I hate racing back to back weeks, but I’m just treating this as a nice long training run for things to come with no real goals except to check out a race I haven’t done before.

I’m glad to be back and hope to update regularly as I definitely miss this.  Hope everyone has had a pleasant winter and early season races are all treating you well.  Talk soon!


  1. Judith / soveryslightlymad · April 28, 2016

    So happy to see a new post from you!


  2. Fallon @ Slacker Runner · April 29, 2016

    Welcome back!! Congrats on breaking 4 hours!!


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